VIDEO / Javier Codesal
Can we still talk about video art? Cinema and video transmissions, crucial topics that concern us here, as well as technological evolution led to an ambivalent situation that allows for a rethinking of the artist’s position in relation to the moving images. This workshop will look at these topics, focusing on cinema and video. In addition, we will pay attention to the works exhibited in forosur_debates_12.
PHOTOGRAPHY / Dionisio González
Photography, in stark contrast to its ultimate function—the seizing and fixing of instants, that is, stillness—takes recourse to displacement and movement; to intermedial territorial practices engaging in geographical territories or in liminal spaces where meanings intersect. This “being in-between” proper to photography derives from its natural mobility, its desire to be recorded, implicit in the travel. We are seeing affluences and itinerancies unthinkable not long ago: urban migration...
This workshop looks at new creative industries from the perspective of entrepreneurship as generating employment and boosting industrial development. It particularly addresses the phases prior to entrepreneurship (pre-entrepreneurship) and the specific problematic of start-ups.